Culture Summit is a cross-functional, cross-industry conference that brings together founders, thought leaders, and culture champions from all over the world to share insights and best practices on building and transforming culture in the workplace. Our recorded sessions will empower you with the data, strategies, and frameworks you need to drive actual change in this new world we are living in.

Past Speakers Include Leaders at Companies Such as:

Janelle Gale

VP of HR at Facebook

Tiffany Stevenson

Chief Talent & Inclusion Officer, Global Head of Communities at Box

Nina McQueen

VP Global Talent at LinkedIn

Katie Burke

Chief People Officer at HubSpot

Peter Scocimara

Senior Director at Google

David King

Head of Employee Experience, Diversity and Belonging at Shopify

Helen Russell

Chief People Officer at Atlassian

Lisa Lee

VP of Global Culture, Belonging, and People Growth at DoorDash

Sarah Nahm

Founder of Lever

Cat Lee

Head of People at Pinterest

Rajesh Subramaniam

COO at Fedex

Molly Q. Ford

Vice President, Global Equality Programs at Salesforce

Ondra Berry

Senior Vice President at MGM Resorts

Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer at Vaynermedia

Dan Spaulding

Chief People Officer at Zillow

Marta Riggins

Director Employer Brand, Employee Engagement & Social Impact at Instacart

LaFawn Davis

Global Head of Culture & Inclusion at Twilio

Susan Lee

Chief People Officer at SeatGeek